DREAM RACER BOATS Figaro-3 2019 : The "Solitaire du Figaro" solo race on the Figaro 3, the joys of sailing on the Figaro 2 News

2019 : The “Solitaire du Figaro” solo race on the Figaro 3, the joys of sailing on the Figaro 2

The  Figaro  Beneteau  3  is  the  first  production  foiling  one-­‐design  monohull  ever  to  be designed. A distillation of technology and innovation, it results from a collaboration between group Beneteau’s best experts and the Van  Peteghem Lauriot-­‐Prévost (VPLP) office, the architects of the two last boats to win the Vendée Globe.

The prototype has been tested and the production of the boat has been launched.

It will enter the ISO/World Sailing design category A.

The specifications define the FB3 monohull as being as reliable as its predecessor, the FB2.  It is equipped with foils, a better performing ballast-­‐free hull, a more slender and deeper  keel,

a setback mast and a more extensive and larger sail plan.

The Figaro circuit, including the well-­‐known “Solitaire URGO le Figaro”, is renowned for being difficult. It unites the best French offshore racing sailors, who compete in ten races a year. The best sailors started out on the FB1 and FB2. The FB3 has been designed to meet

the requirements of this circuit, but may well suit other uses!

The Figaro 2 does not end there ! Dream Racer Boats is delighted to announce the take over in the history of this exceptional yacht with incredible track record.

Figaro 2 in a few words

Marc Lombard : A naval architect and his name bears remembrance of legendary yachts which made sailing history including the launch of the Figaro 2

Number of nautical miles covered the equivalent of 8 Vendée Globe 180,000 miles covered

20 transatlantic crossings

1st solo transatlantic : Saint Nazaire -­‐ Cuba in 2005

The adventure continues ! A rigorous methodology, via the respect of luxury standards, monitoring and evaluation tools, the support of our team in the customized creation and set up (interior design and yacht performance), we develop and manufacture for you, in our shipyard, a unique cruise ship with racing technologies.

New Bénéteau Figaro 2, the yacht from the racing world. Unique down to the smallest details, performance suitable for your own level, discover the limited Figaro 2 by DRB : FIG2DRB

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