DREAM RACER BOATS rent-boat-figaro-britany-blog Dream Racer Boats : one of our achievement for rent News

Dream Racer Boats : one of our achievement for rent

A refit that you can enjoy !


DREAM RACER BOATS Charter-Figaro-2-e1556645825962-281x500 Dream Racer Boats : one of our achievement for rent News  Le Figaro 2 N ° 55, formerly belonging to Eric Delamarre, skipper of the Normandy Region, has made a new beauty! Charter, the Figaro 2 now available for rent.

Now available for rent !

Visible and for rent at Lorient La Base


Custom made interior layout, lightweight panels, new paint.. everything is there !



DREAM RACER BOATS La-Solitaire-du-Figaro-1-399x500 Dream Racer Boats : one of our achievement for rent News



Figaro 2 yacht & la Solitaire du Figaro race summary in key figures



  • A front cabin with storage system ; manual toilet
  • Living area with well equiped kitchen. Water system with a cockpit shower. 90 liters capacity.
  • Two well equipped cabins




You are looking for sensation and live the experience of offshore racing? Just rent it, and go sail now with family or friends! Perfect for a 4-person cruise! For more information on the renting system, contact us.


A second life


As soon as they arrive in the harbour at Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie, where they were designed, the Figaro Bénéteau 2 boats will officially enter the wonderful world of retirement. What lies ahead for them ?

It is at number 16, Boulevard de la mer in Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie, that the Bénéteau Group has its headquarters. When they get back home in early September, a chapter of ocean racing history will come to an end with the Figaro Bénéteau 2 boats left to be forgotten. The story ends. Thank you all and goodnight. But in no way is it going to be like that. They can look forward to their retirement with all its freedom, choosing anything they want, sailing away in the sunshine, racing with old friends… They can look forward to much more comfort aboard as they start their new life.

To be honest, how could anyone imagine getting rid of such a reliable boat, which has lasted well and performs brilliantly, if you take into account the various rules and one-design constraints?

Robustness and performance


The market has clearly understood that, as there are already plenty of people interested. They will be looking for robustness and performance. The ease of getting underway and all things considered a very reasonable price in the market segment of 10m boats. Where prices rapidly reach figures for racing cruisers.

If the future buyer is looking forward to using his Figaro Bénéteau 2 for cruiser-racing, they will need to send her into the yard to modify the boat. Where simplicity has always been the watchword. It is well-known that a sailor can make do aboard with a simple bunk and ring to boil water.

She will also have to go into the yard if the future owner wishes to use his boat with speed in mind. Because for reasons down to the one-design rules and the aim of making her robust, the power of a Figaro Bénéteau 2 was deliberately muzzled.