DREAM RACER BOATS Modelisation-boatstaging-kitchen-blog Boatstaging concept : the last born Featured News

Boatstaging concept : the last born

DREAM RACER BOATS galley-refit-interior-layout-yacht-Dream-Racer-Boats Boatstaging concept : the last born Featured News

Why would you choose to refit the interior layout of your yacht ?


DREAM RACER BOATS First-30-R-Beneteau-500x500 Boatstaging concept : the last born Featured News

There are several reasons for choosing this concept. A crush on a boat that worked very well, an optimization due to a specific navigation program, brought up to date with the interior layout, customize the interior in response to the way it’s navigated, improve comfort on board by reducing the weight on board, increase the chances of resale of his boat, etc.


A revisited racer


Today we present you, a boat that just came out of our shipyard in Brittany. One of eight First 30R produced by Bénéteau. A boat designed by Juan Kouyoumdjian and intended for regatta “R”.

Cruising & Race


Its sailing program? It has been designed to meet the demand race / cruise on the 30 feet. Upon arrival at the site, in the specifications, always the same program unlike its performance and comfort on board sought.


Three / four days sailing trip


DREAM RACER BOATS galley-yacht-refit-first-beneteau-500x281 Boatstaging concept : the last born Featured News

Original Interior layout


The comfort on board is like a racer yacht. First of all, there is a centralized toilet in the front tip, two small storage port / starboard where we find the pipes / pass hull. Then the table is placed on a removable floor, with a lack of stability. We can find as well, a water cow with a manual pump. To starboard, a chart table that unfortunately does not allow you to slide your legs underneath. In the rear seats, large space to regret a sleeping cabin. Like a racer / cruiser, the lack of comfort was felt for a few days sailing trip.


Looking for comfort while keeping the performance


The mission of Dream Racer Boats has been to meet the desires of the owner in terms of comfort while proposing light fittings and a layout that does not affect the performance of the boat. Work on available volumes to limit changes on board. Make arrangements easily removable. Facilitate access to electronics. Increase the brightness and privacy on board.


DREAM RACER BOATS main-deck-interior-layout-refit-500x243 Boatstaging concept : the last born Featured News

New interior layout by Dream Racer Boats


Interior design and color code


Aesthetics is also part of the interior refit of a boat. So we played on three shades of gray reminding the original colors of the boat, its identity. For each application, the properties of the fabrics are not the same, so we have advised the owner on the choice of these fabrics.

Use recycling and eco-friendly materials


A refit, a renovation is good, the use of recycled materials is great! DREAM RACER BOATS Housse_protection_vetement_DreamRacerBoats_cabine-arrière-500x281 Boatstaging concept : the last born Featured News