DREAM RACER BOATS ecolodge-espace-gaia-blog Dream Racer Boats and Espace Gaïa : a chance encounter ! News

Dream Racer Boats and Espace Gaïa : a chance encounter !

The most thrilling projects often result from unexpected encounters…

DREAM RACER BOATS EcoLodge-Espace-Gaïa-1-500x433 Dream Racer Boats and Espace Gaïa : a chance encounter ! News  The most thrilling projects often result from unexpected encounters. From an opportunity you have been able to seize having been in the right place at the right time. That’s exactly what happened when we first met with Stéphane Marteau, an architect and co-manager of the Espace Gaïa in Grenoble, design office.

Nautic Boatshow

He had come to see us at the Paris Nautic Show and immediately expressed his enthusiasm for the Figaro and Dream Racer Boats’ work. We had a thorough conversation. And it was not long before we realised we share a resolutely forward-looking vision based on innovation and sustainable development.

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Together with other architects from the Espace Gaïa, Stéphane has already set up and completed several projects in the world. Aiming at fostering economic and social development thanks to virtuous tourism-related infrastructures.

Be they a mountain refuge in the heart of the moroccan High-Atlas, a set of ecolodges in Madagascar or a camp for tourists in Mali. They always have one intention in common : embed the tourist project in each and every dimension of the region.

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Culture & Ecology

The ecological dimension to begin with, respect for the environment. And conservation of natural resources as an heritage being core values to them. The cultural aspect as well. Which they bring to the fore using as much as possible traditionnal skills and materials such as timber frame, bamboo lacings or rush. The economic and social dimension finally, for the infrastructures are managed by specially trained villagers. Who organise themselves into cooperatives thus strengthening solidarity, supporting projects of common interest and revitalising the local economy.

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To raise funds for their latest initiative in Colombia, Stéphane and his teammate, Igor Leconte, have decided to take up a new challenge. These two sailing-lovers want to take part to the Transquadra 2020. A sport as well as human challenge and that’s why they quite naturally decided to entrust its technical part, one of the most essential aspects, to Dream Racer Boats.

Transquadra Race

And it’s not without any joy and pride that we can now unveil the broad lines of this collaboration. Dream Racer Boats will have to prepare a Figaro for this race. Not a less legendary one than « La Solitaire » in which this famous boat has earned its most prestigious stripes. It will above all consist in tweaking the boat’s race configuration and particularly by means of innovative materials. Similarly, we will work towards improving the interior layout, paying as always a special attention not to alter its capacities and performances.

Waste management will also be a major concern on the yard. « Zero waste » is a for the time being difficult goal to reach. But there exist numerous alternatives to minimise our environmental impact and implement an ever more reasoned use of the materials. This project will be for us the occasion to formalise the best practices we wish to entrench in our approach to refitting.

Being as ever

DREAM RACER BOATS bamboo-forest-1-500x333 Dream Racer Boats and Espace Gaïa : a chance encounter ! News

And we will also shortly be able to present to you something brand new ! Being as ever « Driven by Innovation ». We  keep on challenging ourselves and pushing back our own limits to achieve unseen projects. In order to offer you a unique and unforgettable sailing experience.


Our latest innovation is still in the research and development phase. However we are doing our best to integrate it already in this project. We will of course let you know when time has come. And we hope you won’t blame us for having you be patient. Just like good wine, a new idea requires time (and know-how but we are well endowed to that extent !) to give the best of its potential. We anyway dare to bet that you won’t be disappointed !


Please feel free to contact us to tell us what you think of this thrilling partnership. Tell us about your own projects, we will be happy to talk with you and, why not, write together the next great chapter of our adventure…