DREAM RACER BOATS Figaro1-refitDRB-2018 Dream Racer Boats at the Nautic BoatShow in Paris News

Dream Racer Boats at the Nautic BoatShow in Paris

Dream Racer Boats intrigues at Salon Nautique de Paris

DREAM RACER BOATS Figaro-Nautic2018-500x500 Dream Racer Boats at the Nautic BoatShow in Paris News

Figaro I refit 2018 by DRB

During this year’s edition of the annual boat show Salon Nautique de Paris, Dream Racer Boats had the pleasure to invite customers aboard the first edition of refitted Figaro 1. Between the 8th and 16th December, the newly engineered and wholly refitted vessel was a great source of interest for speculants of the Paris boat show.  The yacht featuring a new interior and exterior design, suited both for great comfort and speed, introduced a refreshing, new concept to the boat show – otherwise dominated by newly produced vessels. The concept of Dream Racer Boats was noticed by the French magazine “Voiles et Voiliers”, who published an article in their January 2019 edition claiming their interest in seeing further projects from this start-up factory. “The Figaro 2 must follow…” was their simple conclusion after visiting aboard the refitted vessel presented in Paris.

Voiles et Voiliers magazine onboard

Visit of Voiles et Voiliers aboard the Figaro 1, completely refitted by Dream Racer Boats. A report by Laurène Coroller from Voiles et Voiliers. Special thanks to them for the interest they have shown in our philosophy and environmental ethics.For those who haven't met us yet, we welcome you next weekend at the international Boat Show "Boot" Düsseldorf/Germany. We welcome you in the Hall 7A, at Stand E04 !Next meeting : from the 19 th January 2019 at boot Düsseldorfwww.dreamracerboats.com

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Another much appreciated guest Dream Racer Boats had the pleasure to welcome aboard the improved yacht, was Jean-Marie Finot – the architect of Figaro 1.

DREAM RACER BOATS Finot-500x375 Dream Racer Boats at the Nautic BoatShow in Paris News

“Being able to give a new life to the fantastically engineered racing boat by Jean-Marie Finot has been a pleasure. Now having the chance to welcome him aboard to view the result gives us the feeling of having the ‘circle closed’ for the history of this yacht”, explains Thibaud Ramond, president of Dream Racer Boats. To view further articles and pictures of these remarkable encounters, as well as the refitted Figaro 1, we allot you to explore the Facebook- and Instagram pages of Dream Racer Boats for the full recap of “Salon Nautique de Paris”. We will just say as magazine “Voiles et Voiliers”; now we await the Figaro 2…