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Dream Racer Boats’s Sponsor on the top step of the podium


Always at the forefront, always well placed, always regular … but so far, never finished first. Well this time, Sebastien Simon went to get this great victory that was missing in his Figariste track record, and with great success. The performance skipper of Brittany’s ” Chaîne d’excellence ” – Crédit Mutuel de Bretagne won the 4th edition of Le Havre Allmer Cup this Saturday, once again demonstrating remarkable consistency. Here follows a quick debriefing of the race.


For the first time you have won a race on the Figaro Bénéteau circuit. We imagine you are very happy ?


” It’s true that so far I have won a stage of the Solitaire du Figaro, won heats here and there, finished two times second in the Solo Master CoQ but this is the first time I won a test. I am even more happy to enjoy the success on Le Havre Allmer Cup because in my opinion, it is one of the most difficult to win. As there are several different types of races, a stroke of luck is not enough. This necessarily puts me in confidence for the future. I know I’m going fast and on top of that, even when I’m in a bad situation, I can manage to put things into perspective and be more serene in my way of sailing. Before, I was stressed all the time and there was always a maneuver or a parasitic movement that ended up making me not go through to the end. This week, on the contrary, I felt really comfortable all the time, even on contact. “


You have shown success these last two days, including on courses like “banana”, which in your opinion are not too much of your specialty… 


” It’s true that I normally do not like it because I’m always afraid of damaging the boat. This time, I was full ready and relaxed, which allowed me to put to show everything I know. I’m aware there are still things that can be improved, such as maneuvers, for example, but everything is going in the right direction. My regularity since the beginning of the season reassures me a lot and I think it’s very good. “


You seem to be feeling very serene in every way…


I have the impression of being constantly in progress and inevitably, it feels good in the head. So far, I had a feeling of being the eternal second and it was a little frustrating. This time, I had a little release, even if the important thing is the Solitaire Urgo – Le Figaro. Meanwhile, this week has shown who was in shape and who was not necessarily in their best phase. It gives me a lot of confidence and I now feel, because of this, a little differently for the Solitaire. Sealing this circle of success during the Solo Normandy, in ten days, it would be good. I admit that having an IMOCA project behind takes away all the stress of not knowing what will happen next. Today, when I race in the Figaro, it’s pure pleasure and that’s obviously why I’m so good on the water.

source : http://www.bretagnecmb-voile.fr/