Solutions tailored to your desires!

Are you looking to optimize the space in your boat with flexible storage, tailored to your needs?

The Dream Racer Boats Team makes them for you!

Each accessory is unique thanks to your choice of materials and colors.

We devote our energy to design high quality, innovative and multifunctional products for you.


Are you in possession of old sails or accessories that are a bit outdated?

We give you the opportunity to give them a second life!

We collect them to recondition or transform them into a trendy and functional product.

With an environmental approach, we make accessories from materials that have served their original purpose.

The concept of is a new experience in the nautical sector: Rethink, Rebuild, Refit.

DREAM RACER BOATS textile_wall-mounted_mural_arrangement_built-in_cupboard_yacht_boat_fitted_storage_tailor-made Accessories
DREAM RACER BOATS motor_bracket_engine_support_chair_yacht_boat_bespoke Accessories

Our existing achievements

Lack of inspiration?

Let us guide you through our production base!

The production base is available to you, just for you!

Contact us, we will offer you a set of accessories already existing.

Create your own accessory

You draw it, we make it!

Can’t find the right accessory for the size of your boat?

It is now possible to send us your specific requests.

We verify the feasibility together.

Once the project has been validated, we will proceed with its implementation.

The product will be delivered to you, ready to be installed!

Dream Racer Boats puts its skills at your service, creating the product of your dreams.

DREAM RACER BOATS rod_rail_curtain_rideau_custom_made_bespoke_composite-1 Accessories