DREAM RACER BOATS bedrock-seated-bed-cushion-pillow-foam-mattress-boat Marine upholstery

Marine upholstery

The choice of indoor and outdoor nautical upholstery is both an element of comfort and a visual signature.

It also determines the perception of the quality of the boat and its finish.

Tips for recovery and recycling

Upcycling involves designing new products from existing materials. This process regulates our consumption, our waste production and above all preserves natural resources.

By this principle, you will save and participate in the circular economy.

DREAM RACER BOATS wall-storage-shelf-lateral-textile-sail-fabric Marine upholstery
DREAM RACER BOATS lazy-jack-bag-mainsail-jib-cockpit-cover Marine upholstery

Technical advice

We share our technical advice for the selection of colours and materials.

We offer landscaping solutions for offshore racing.

A detailed explanation is presented for each new product and all innovative materials.


To easily picture your nautical upholstery renewal project, we offer 3D visuals. You can also get samples of quality fabrics, pre-selected in our design office.

All creations are handmade by a local craftsman, passionate and competent. He will be in the ability to respond quickly to any desires.

DREAM RACER BOATS marine-upholstery-boat-seat-foam-breathable-anti-moisture Marine upholstery