DREAM RACER BOATS finish-seamanship-rope-ocean-racing Rigging


To meet a strong demand for optimizing boats, our local rigger has developed a Transquadra and Cap-Martinique rigging pack for Figaro 2.

With their experience in offshore racing, the team will be able to meet your specific requests.

Innovative collaboration

The rigging pack is made in the workshop and implemented with quality products. It is made to last; its endings and finishes are neat (over-sheathing, splice, whipping).

This seamanship solution is based on the feedback of the Figarists.

DREAM RACER BOATS seamanship-oceanrace-technical-figaro-class40-cruiser-racer-boat Rigging
DREAM RACER BOATS transquadra-package-cap-martinique_figaro Rigging

One race = one goal

Package composition

Mainsail – Genoa – Spinnaker – Hound halyard – Pole lift – Mainsail foot – Boom vang – Mainsail Cunningham – Reef 1 – Reef 2 – Mainsheet – Mainsail tackle – Toggle switch of mainsail traveller – Genoa sheet – Genoa altitude – Genoa in hauler – spinnaker guy and sheets – Double spinnaker sheet  – Spinnaker barber – Light spinnaker sheets – Back stay – Mooring kit


You can adjust the package as you wish, depending on your needs.

Set up

There are four options:

  • Assembly service in our workshop (contact us)
  • Sending the kit, you install it
  • We move to install it
  • We call on our partner network to set it up for you