DREAM RACER BOATS boat-steps-handcrafted-interior-equipment-powder-coating-marine- Technical solutions

Technical solutions

Here is a selection of durable materials and high-performance techniques to refit your yacht.

Machining operation

Reproduction of original and custom-made parts for your boat. Identical 3D modeling.

DREAM RACER BOATS fabric-teck-deck-synthetic-antislide-coating Technical solutions

Non-slip surface

The synthetic and lightweight non-slip (1.2kg/m2) is a strong surface coating, 2mm thick. It is suitable for the deck of your boat, for your seats, for a square table. This coating is 100% PVC. It has been designed to be an ideal non-slip in case of exposure to high temperatures. It is UV and saline resistant.


Projected cork is definitely the high-end solution to insulate your boat. Unlike insulation boards, the projection will cover all areas without interruption and thus remove thermal bridges and decrease the wall effect.

Powder coating

Powder coating is a surface treatment operation which consists in applying a powder paint on a galvanized or non-galvanized metal part having undergone a preliminary preparation. This method provides better holding characteristics to outdoor atmospheres.


Infinite colors: the ability to adapt to your expectations.

Define the specific RAL.

Gloss level

Mat, Satin or Glossy.


Smooth, Fine, Metallic, Pearly or Bi layer varnish.

DREAM RACER BOATS paint_stanchion_porch_handrails_ships-chandlers-rigging Technical solutions

Painting & Covering

The painting and covering service plays an essential role in the aesthetics but also in the glide of your boat.

In order to continuously improve the performance of your boat, we are constantly looking for sustainable and high performance products.

Hull preparation, deck repair.

Lacquer application, high-performance antifouling.

Tint of inflatable collar and rigid inflatable boat protection.

Laying adhesive film, covering, high quality.