DREAM RACER BOATS sun-bridge-roof-sun-odyssey-jeanneau Remote work: the manufacture of a roof Featured News

Remote work: the manufacture of a roof

For this project, the aim was to propose a more suitable configuration to be able to sail a Sun Odyssey 409 all year round. The boat already had a textile roof, but it did not provide sufficient protection. That is why our customer opted for a rigid composite sun bridge.

DREAM RACER BOATS sun-bridge Remote work: the manufacture of a roof Featured News
Roof installed on the Sun Odyssey 409


To make the roof, we worked remotely. The boat remained in its home port and our team only went on board once. Measures were taken and the sun bridge was made entirely in our workshop.  Measures can also be taken with our partners, for boats located in the Mediterranean.

This method allows us to respond to international projects or projects in the French overseas departments and territories.

An important step is the validation of the customer’s specifications which is used to establish the function(s) of the roof. Then, our design office presents a 3D rendering of the roof as well as a visual on the boat.

Remote design and manufacturing

After validation of the design, we make the roof in our workshop. Our team is present from the manufacture of the mould to the spray of a non-slip lacquer finish.

This sun bridge was inspired by ocean racing. The materials used for its design are high-performance and durable. Being a large piece of equipment, it has been deliberately designed with an optimised sampling in order to keep the boat’s line.

Afterwards, we deliver and install the sun bridge on board. We can also involve a partner approved by Dream Racer Boats for the fitting.

This remote realisation was made possible thanks to our design office. It can be very useful, especially during the periods we are currently living through.

DREAM RACER BOATS roof-yacht Remote work: the manufacture of a roof Featured News
Profile view of the sun bridge
DREAM RACER BOATS jeanneau-sun-odyssey-dream-racer-boats-cockpit Remote work: the manufacture of a roof Featured News
Panoramic view of the cockpit

Personalised projects

Dream Racer Boats adapts to your projects. Our workshop customises different objects to satisfy your desires and needs. Whether it is to improve your boat or to increase its life cycle, we offer you a personalised service. The aim is to create a unique and tailor-made product that fits you. 

We can carry out virtual simulations to help you project yourself and thus better visualise your object. Our team will be present to advise and accompany you throughout your project!