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In our shipyard

The arrival of the Figaro 1 No. 10 in our Shipyard. We have selected for you this exceptional monotype that has participated in the history of the legendary race, The Solo Figaro. Its first transat : the AG2R in 1992! On April 22, Concarneau will be taking part in this 7th edition with the Figaro 2 ! We will be present under the RésOcéan stand to present the missions of Dream Racer Boats and share our vision !

A bit of history

On the initiative of The Figaro and the Figaro Race, it was decided that this legendary race is run under monotype. A competition was held in 1990 to determine the most suitable prototype. At the analysis of the various projects, the Finot Group project associated with the Bénéteau corporate was selected. To improve the project, Finot Group then associated forces with the architect Jean Berret to build the final yacht.

A first boat series had an important sail plan with runners : the First Class Figaro Solo.

In a second time, the height of the mast was shortened, the main sail shortened all the same and the bastaques removed, the boat became easier to use. The boat became the First Class Challenge and the Figaro Bénéteau.

Initially, the boat was designed to sail solo, but a compromise was found to be able to race crew, especially for inshore races (bay).

On the industrial and technological base, it is the first boat made in monolithic and the first boat with liquid ballasts !

Our engagement

This yacht is the birth of a long history, that of the Solo Figaro. This race, now internationally renowned, has allowed some of the most famous sailors to stand out. We can then quote François Gabart, the fastest man in the world by smashing the record of the world tour. In 42 days and 16 hours on his maxi-trimaran Macif. What a record ! By selecting the Figaro 1, we would like make you discover the adventure of offshore racing from another angle !

The unique atmosphere of a transatlantic gathered in an old racing boat in a climate of security and outstanding comfort, would you like it ?

Be among the privileged and join us in the adventure Dream Racer Boats.

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