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Sustainable development: insulate with sprayed cork

Today there is a strong growth in the fitting out of boats and vans. Owners personalise their boat or van to make it functional and to feel like home. It is true that it is immediately more pleasant!

As ecology is at the heart of current events, the selection of the materials used is often essential. Many of them wonder about the quality of the air they breathe in their home. Indeed, some of them live there for several days, months or even years. This is why they prefer to use natural materials. For example, there is natural insulation, such as sprayed cork.

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Projected cork in a few words

Sprayed cork is a top of the range insulator, perfect for fitting out your boat or van … In fact, it gives an aesthetic and neat finish which is approved by Dream Racer Boats!

Depending on the number of coats applied, sprayed cork allows 2 types of insulation:

Hygrometric insulation: this insulation allows the management of humidity which will reduce the condensation in your interior. The aim is to reduce the feeling of cold and to avoid mould.

Thermal insulation: its application eliminates thermal bridges that is to sayd cold zones. By the way, nothing is better than sleeping away from humidity and cold!

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Black cork pigment

Moreover sprayed cork can be offered in several colours thanks to natural pigments. These have many advantages: they have a very high covering and colouring power.

But which one should we choose?

Choosing cork according to its properties

The Dream Racer Boats workshop division works in collaboration with the Bathô company, which has developed its own natural coating: Soliege. This French company decided to call a laboratory in order to develop their own solution. Indeed, they have created a cork granulate from the manufacturing waste from the Landes forests, and we think the short circuit is pretty cool!

They also offer a fixing binder that is not dangerous to health. Their products are certified organic by a laboratory and are not harmful.

We chose their product because it has many properties.

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Black cork on a van

First of all, it is a natural insulator that has no negative impact on health.

Depending on the method of production and marketing, it can also be ecological. This means that in addition to being a natural material, its life cycle must limit its ecological footprint.  That is why Bathô is based in Nantes and their product comes directly from French forests. Recycling cork is relatively easy, which minimises the impact on the environment.

It is a quality material: it keeps its insulation performance even if it is subjected to many vibrations.

It is also an effective solution for insulation, with quick and easy application even on complicated surfaces.

This insulator is also known for its lightness and for its waterproofing. In fact, it does not absorb liquids, which is why it is resistant to humidity.


Cork can be presented in different forms. For sprayed cork, it is necessary to use cork granules mixed with a binder in order to fix it.

Cork can be applied with a plastering gun. This method makes it possible to cover all the walls.  One layer is about 1 mm thickness, which is why the application requires time and good organisation. Come on, it is not that complicated.

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Insulation for boats and vans

Depending on the desired insulation, 2 to 3 successive coats can be applied. The result will not be thicker than a few millimetres, so you won’t lose any space in your interior.

If you would like more information, do not hesitate to consult the Soliege website directly: https://www.soliege.fr/.

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