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Textile furnitures on board a ship

Dream Racer Boats presents its new range of textile furnitures. On board a boat, it is important to be well organised. That is why we offer you different products to meet your needs. You will find many accessories and equipments for the storage and interior design of boats.

Our range of textile cabinets

Our goal is to offer unique products. Therefore, our design office customises different objects to meet your wishes.  The dimensions are made to measure, according to your needs. You can also opt for the recycling of sails, to give them a second life, or for a new sail.


First of all, we find the compartment. These textile storages can be used in boats. They can be installed in different places: in the cockpit, in the hold, in the wardroom or in the boat cabins. With numerous storage pockets, their functions are numerous.  They are ideal for storing everything from small electronics, bits and pieces, cranks, torches, tools and even board games and sunglasses.

DREAM RACER BOATS textile-furniture-ship Textile furnitures on board a ship Featured News
Textile compartment in recycled sail, 2 pockets

There are many possibilities for customising your textile fittings. You can choose the horizontal or vertical format as well as the number of compartments. You also have the possibility to choose the strip or eyelet hooks as well as the different velcro or stainless-steel turnbuckle closures. As for the colours, you can choose those of the sail, the braids, and the seams.

DREAM RACER BOATS compartment-textile-storage-padeye Textile furnitures on board a ship Featured News
Hanging system

Padeyes are used to attach the compartment to all types of surfaces. Once in place, you can always remove them. This way you can easily clean your compartment. Dream Racer Boats makes padeyes from composite off-cuts in its workshop. The advantage of a composite padeye is that it is very light compared to a stainless steel padeye. However, its workload capacity is still equivalent. The composite padeye can be easily adapted to your boat to meet your needs. Its integration is very discreet but you can also choose to highlight it with colour.

DREAM RACER BOATS compartment-textile-padeye Textile furnitures on board a ship Featured News
Padeye for fixing textile storage
DREAM RACER BOATS wardrobe-storage-boat Textile furnitures on board a ship Featured News
Wardrobe for a TS 52.8

Next you can find our textile wardrobes. They make it easy to organise the interior of your boat. You can place them in the passage way, in the wardroom or in the bathroom. You’ll find plenty of things to store in them, from clothes to towels!  Installation is quick and easy and can be done in a cupboard, on a wall or behind a door. For fixing, the top can be hung with a rod system and the bottom with padeyes.

As far as the compartments are concerned, you can choose between different arrangements. The shelves are made of rigid panels covered with sail. A wide choice of colours is available to personalise your interior.

Storage covers for bedding

We also offer storage covers for your duvets and sheets. These covers allow you to increase your storage space. This way you save space in your cupboards. In addition, the duvets cover ensure long-term storage because they are airtight and waterproof.  This means that your bedding will not get mouldy, which limits the growth of bacteria. 

Other textile fittings

It is also possible to make other equipment still in sail. For example, baskets to decorate your home and to store small accessories. We also make pockets for storing important documents, for example.

DREAM RACER BOATS organize-boat-sailboat Textile furnitures on board a ship Featured News
sail furniture
DREAM RACER BOATS basket-customizable-organization Textile furnitures on board a ship Featured News
Customised boat baskets

Our work travels

This range was designed and developed for the boat “Baie du monde 2”, a TS 52.8. We recently made these textile arrangements for their boat, whose home port is in Martinique! For this, we worked remotely: the boat remained in its home port and the textile fittings were made in Finistère. This boat is available for rent in Martinique.

This textile equipment is also used for rental boats. For example, the equipment is used to store kitesurfing equipment (kite bar), etc.

Our priority

Our suppliers are carefully selected. Quality and short circuit are two values that we focus on.

Concerning our range of textile fittings, we reuse materials (sails, composite).  This method of recovering materials is called “upcycling”. The choice of upcycling is to get an eco-friendly approach but also economical because the raw material is already available. For example, we reuse sails that can no longer be used or our composite scraps to make our padeyes.

We pay particular attention to each piece of equipment by working on the details. Our textile fittings reflect the visual identity of the boat.

For customised projects, the virtual simulation service helps you to visualise your future equipment or boat interior.

See you soon on the water or around your next project!