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The 2020-21 Transquadra on the Figaro 2

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The next edition of Transquadra, which will leave the French coast in July 2020, will see some new features. Starting with a new port of departure in the Mediterranean, since Marseille takes over from Barcelona. But we also expect a lot of new boats at the start.

This race reserved for over 40 years runs every three years between Europe and Martinique. The event is either double or single and starts at once from an Atlantic harbour and from a Mediterranean harbour. The one-design Figaro 2 will be on the starting line for the next transquadra.

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In 2020, sailors will leave Lorient on July 19th but a few days before, on July 14th, the Mediterranean fleet will leave Marseilles. And this is a novelty: previously, it left Barcelona. The organization of the race hopes, based on the nautical society of Marseille, to encourage more transatlantic vocations in the South. In the previous edition, only 12 boats were initially in Barcelona.

Twice two independent races :

– TRANSQUADRA-ATLANTIC. 1100 + 2700 milles
o Solo
o Double
– TRANSQUADRA-MEDITERRANEE. 1300 + 2700 milles
o Solo
o Double


Race open to sailboats of length between 8.50 m and 12 meter

TCC IRC between 0.950 et 1.050

14th July 2020 —-> Marseille
19th July 2020 —-> Lorient
6th February 2021 —-> Madère

The Figaro 2 number 80 prepared by Dream Racer Boats

DREAM RACER BOATS TCC-Figaro-2-1-e1556715591410-281x500 Dream Racer Boats : Transquadra Objectiv News

A custom made preparation realized step by step

In the race for TCC and the search for performance, intelligent solutions in interior design have been studied and implemented in the Figaro 2 number 80.

Choices discussed between the sailors, the shipyard and the measurers in order to participate in the Transquadra 2020-21, without denatured this racing hull of La Solitaire du Figaro.

Materials from aeronautics

All interior fittings have been designed using high-performance materials that are also found in the interior fittings of yachting and aeronautics.

DREAM RACER BOATS Matériaux-Performants-Dream-Racer-Boats-1-500x281 Dream Racer Boats : Transquadra Objectiv News

Performance and eco-responsability

DREAM RACER BOATS passe-coque-ultra-flush-DRB-1-e1556717079505-281x500 Dream Racer Boats : Transquadra Objectiv News  The installation of a toilet needs the use of pass hull. In order to reduce friction, we integrate them in the hull and make them ultra-flush.


We did not rely solely on performance but also on respect for the environment. A wise choice in the selection of materials used. From the core of the sandwich to the resins used.


DREAM RACER BOATS cabine-avant-bateau-de-course-1-500x281 Dream Racer Boats : Transquadra Objectiv News







A living area designed by the customers

In order to better meet the requirements of the sailors, we adapt and offer bespoke solutions such as living area visible below.

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