DREAM RACER BOATS bownose_bow_boat_racer-cruiser-yacht Refit of Figaro 2, Chou fleur Non classé

Refit of Figaro 2, Chou fleur

Dream Racer Boats presents Charlie Dalin‘s former Figaro 2: discover her new refit for her new life! This boat has been prepared for a project that combines racing and cruising. If you want to know more about the Figaro Chou-Fleur FRA 94, and discover its history, you can read our article on this subject.

New refit : a turnkey project

Our startup aims to improve this boat, which has already proved its worth. For this refit, comfort elements were added to the boat and an atmosphere was created. The selection of materials, the work on ergonomics and practicality allowed the development of this racing boat while keeping its functions of Solitaire and its performances.

DREAM RACER BOATS refit-Figaro-paintjob-deck Refit of Figaro 2, Chou fleur Non classé
Refit Figaro 2
Inside and out, the objective of the refit is to deliver a “turnkey” boat to answer a new sailing programme.

On the deck, the first thing to be seen is the new paintjob. Then we discover the bow nose added. We can have a quick look on the waterline which has not been change since the last Figaro of the Solitaire race. A winning bet for the addition of comfort equipment onboard!

DREAM RACER BOATS refit-bow-nose-figaro Refit of Figaro 2, Chou fleur Non classé
Bow nose
DREAM RACER BOATS instrument-panel Refit of Figaro 2, Chou fleur Non classé
Instrument panel

A handcrafted design

Inside the Figaro 2, we find first of all the instrument panel. It is made entirely by using sandwich panels. It has been designed to provide quick and easy access to the wiring network in the event of a maintenance or breakdown. There are also comfort elements such as: indirect lighting panel board (e.g. engine compartment lighting), interior audio system, battery controller and its shore charger. The original onboard NKE electronics has been revised and labelled for ease of understanding and use.

The Figaro 2’s chart table has been manufactured in the same way as the instrument panel and designed for DIY (Do It Yourself) assembly. Its large, open work surface allows for comfortable seating. It has a lower compartment for the computer, a binoculars storage, practical storage for small to medium accessories, a pocket and cable management.

DREAM RACER BOATS water-system Refit of Figaro 2, Chou fleur Non classé
Water system

Interior design of this refit

Then we made a storage box that opens quickly and easily to access the keel port. This compartment can be used as a water tank storage for kitchenette (waste water & fresh water). To complete the chart table, this box can then be transformed into a meridian-type seat by adding cushions.

For the distribution of fresh water, we were inspired by our Plug&Play furniture concept. This means that the water system is autonomous and removable with a customised water capacity management system inside your boat.

DREAM RACER BOATS refit-furniture-concept Refit of Figaro 2, Chou fleur Non classé
Storage box
DREAM RACER BOATS interior-layout-companionway Refit of Figaro 2, Chou fleur Non classé

For safety on board the Figaro 2, we have installed handrails, including one integrated into the companionway. The companionway has been reworked to be more in line with cruising standards with a smooth and less steep companionway.

The steps were made of Iroko wood. This exotic and durable wood is ideal for interior and exterior use. It does not require preservative treatment, so it offers ecological and economical advantages. Iroko wood is also known for its evenness and is moderately heavy.

For more storage space on board the boat, we have installed several compartments from our textile furniture range. They were made from old sails and colour coded to match the identity of the boat.

DREAM RACER BOATS compartments-textile-furniture Refit of Figaro 2, Chou fleur Non classé
Several compartments

A personalised atmosphere on board

For the atmosphere, we wanted to keep it consistent with the history of the boat. Indeed, on this Figaro, the MACIF team and its skippers have made their mark on ocean racing. This is why we paid particular attention to the identity of each piece of equipment by working on the details, such as the colour of the stripes on the textile covers, which refer to the colour of the MACIF team.

We opted for a Zebrano wood which, with its striped appearance, brings a geometric aspect. The mixture of the orthogonal aspect of the map table, the Zebrano wood with its straight lines and the blue night colour brings a racing, maritime sport atmosphere.


Equipment according to your needs

The concept (Re)think. (Re)build. (Re)fit. of Dream Racer Boats is to adapt a boat to a new sailing program, while keeping the originality of the boat and its performance. Thus we offer you an à la carte service. To simplify this renovation process, we have developed and continue to create fitting kits, equipments and accessories. Today, we offer a Figaro 2 catalogue where each module can be customised.

The equipment made for the Figaro 2 is offered in small series and can be personalised (choice of finishes and materials used: carbon, linen fibre, bamboo fibre). 

These kits are also developed for DIY (Do It Yourself), the interest being to respond to distant requests.

Finally, for customised projects, the virtual simulation service helps you to project yourself and thus better visualise your future equipment or boat interior. Manufacturing is 100% done in our workshops with selected suppliers near us.

See you soon on the water or around your next project!